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Welcome to Ascension Trust
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Les Isaac, founder of
Ascension Trust

Ascension Trust is a Christian inter-denominational organisation with a passion to empower individuals to work together within their local community and nation, to contribute positively to society and to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Ascension Trust is a charity and was started in 1993 by Reverend Les Isaac. Ascension Trust also has a branch in Scotland. Reverend Isaac's mission is to empower churches to be effective as "salt and light" in their local community, city and nation.

Ascension Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are Christians from different denominations and from a wide range of professional backgrounds. They work together to access and utilise the skills and professional expertise of like minded Christians and non Christians to develop and implement practical and effective strategies to transform lives, promote community cohesion and advance social justice.

What we do?

Ascension Trust operates as the umbrella body for a number of overseas missions as well as Urban Youth Missions, Street Pastors, School Pastors, Prayer Pastors, Word for Weapons, GiftMyTime and various training programs.

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Ascension Trust is a wide reaching organisation; the following are some of the evidences of its impact and influence:

  • We have approximately 250 initiatives
  • We have more than 250 coordinators
  • We have trained in excess of 9,000 Street Pastors
  • We have over 50 Ascension Trust Representatives (ATRs)
  • We work with over 1000 churches representing numerous Denominations
  • We deliver 100 hours of training a year in London alone
  • We train over 200 people a year in London
  • We have over 140 trained School/College Pastors
  • We have School Pastors in 6 schools or colleges in 5 boroughs in London and 7 schools in 5 areas outside of London
  • We sit on the Home Secretary Round Table
  • We sit on the Centre for Social Justice Think Tank
  • We sit on NIAG (National Independent Advisory Group) for ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)
  • We attend Community Safety meetings
  • We host students from Bible College to talk about the work of Ascension Trust
  • We support and develop overseas work

Ascension Trust Scotland

Ascension Trust Scotland was launched at the Scottish Assembly in Edinburgh in 22nd January 2010. It currently has 14 initiatives and is governed by a strong Board of Directors; their remit is to regulate Scotland Street Pastors and related initiatives.

We envision that within 5 years they will be at full strength to assist HQ develop, give oversight and manage offshore initiatives.

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